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Trunks had a very hard Life. He has gone through many fights and Battles. For any women out there this must be one of the pictures youíll love. For a longer version of the story of Trunks life look below. V


Trunks has had a very had life. This is how it starts. One day when Vegita was doing his thing with Bulma what a surprise! Vegita and Bulma had a baby. They went to the doctor then about 6-8 months later, trunks was in the visual world (people can see him). Then Vegita had ignored him most of his life while he is taken care of by his mother (Bulma). Then about when he was 3-4 he had become very strong by gripping on to Vegita, he didnít care but Trunks had been tugging hard and then it showed how strong trunks was. He had later herd of Goku. Later his father and every one had to fight the androids and they had all died before trunks had met them. A lot of people had been dieing during his young age. Gohan had trained trunks since he had survived the battle of the androids. Goku was not able to fight in the battle since he a heart disease and had died. Later Gohan had tried to make trunks achieve super sia-jin but was not able to. Later Gohan had fought again and then he had dies in front of trunks face then he was so sad since all of the people he kind of knew had died. Then Trunks had got so sad and pissed off he went super sia-jin. Then Trunks wanted to help Goku so he had Bulma make a time machine and it took 13 years. During the 13 years of the androids torture the people on earth then finally trunks had gone back in time. Then he told Goku and gave Goku the cure for the disease and then he told the exact place and time where to meet the androids then Trunks went home.He told Goku he would fight later when the androids come. Also to train very hard since they know all of there moves like (kamahamaha).





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