Vegita’s Profile



. Vegita is a very complicated character. He comes to earth to kill Kakarotto because he did not do his mission he was supposed to do. Then after the Freezer saga he had a kid with Bulma named Trunks. Vegita can some times be mean, one time trunks caught Vegita then Vegita punched Trunks, You know I don't very much like Vegita but I think he is very cool I'm mean his attitude is great and I like his first voice when he had powered up and I don't get it why didn't Funimation just keep the voice I mean It kicks ass and its sound so good like if as he is really powering up. Vegita and Kakarotto have been rivals since the battle on earth well kind of on Namak. Vegita has pride in what he does and is hard for him to admit defeat, the understandable part is one saiya-jin and 2 he is a prince well what do you expect I mean really.

        Sorry have not got around to Vegita yet well you know I did do Gohan's a lot I will work on it in march


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