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Gohan has had a very hard life on he got taken away from some guy that was a non-human. Then fought Napa and Vegita then he goes off into space and get all-beat up by Freeza and Racoom. Then fights more people and more and more and so on but I think he is very smart don’t you? His IQ is probity 250-he brilliant almost like Bulma.

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Short but long story about Gohan and his life!!! (I will not go too far or some people will get confused)

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                                                   (This story is going to start when he is three years old)

One day Gohan became three and chichi of course made him study so hard to make him successful when he tried to get a job.  Only Chichi did that but during his life he got trained from her he learned a few moves on martial arts then his father (Goku) his brother came to see how things were going on earth (expecting it to have had trouble from (Goku's) rage he should have done but he saw he was living with the earthlings. So he took Gohan kicked Krillin, VROOM, BOOM!!!!! Krillin smacks into the kame house (Goku pissed). Radits leaves (they have never shown this but on the way Gohan was a little squirm little thing in radits had like trying to get out of his hand. Then he put him in the space ship while he had gotten locked in the space ship so he could not get out then Goku (fought) and piccolo too (spaceship) ~~~~~~~``````~~~~~~``~~````~`~`noice~~~````~~~~```` hehhhhheeehehhhheeeehhhhhehhhheeehhe (Goku has broken ribs (not shown in TV) screaming Real one you could here the bone cracking (space ship) hhhhhhheeeeeeaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (They don't show but Gohan says DIIIIEEEE in small voice then hits Radits. (Tell me if you would be pissed if your dad were getting his bones crushed). (Radits falls hits ground)!!!!! BOOM!!!!! Radits hits Gohan like a tennis ball in a way falls around like a very heavy ball instead of tennis ball. (Will not tell story completely because that would be under Goku’s and the coming soon piccolo's profile. This will only cover guans part of the Dragonballz story. Gohan gets taken away from home to be trained without chichi even knowing (after Goku dies) Then first acts more like him self Gohan when being train what he would of normally would have done run around try to service then after like about 3-4 months he started to get rough and tuff and then started hard core training with piccolo and then actually stated to get stronger. Then after Goku is wished back and all of that other good stuff the saiyans<(real word is spelled)<saiya-jin> in Japanese that's how you should spell it, arrived. Vegita comes does thing wont describe only will be described in Vegita profile. Then Gohan and piccolo flew? Yamcha and the gang come (how did Gohan learn to fly? (Uncut from TV or never showed it) <I bet the cut it because they want more ads then show for MONEY!! > (Subject) then they fight piccolo get into situation and makes it so Gohan has to shot a (kamahama) <well in Japanese Gohan never kamahamha>(he knew masanko) real beam they just were too lazy to say mask. Then Gohan get still *can't move freaked out * Napa is fine Gohan does nothing mostly during the battle Goku comes and so on then Gohan has to block the (SPRIT BOMB) (real word is (Gagidama) guess there just to lazy to say that too, Back to show, Gohan is already pure and bounces (hurts Vegita) then they are happy and Yajoroby slaps Goku (Goku screams) Vegita comes back and Goku get hurt from Vegita and Vegita does his thing and transform into (I forgot what they call it in English) #really call it Ozarou# in Japanese and chases Goku around get beat up then Yajoroby cut's Vegita tail Vegita walks around Gohan fights him does ok then gets ass kicked then (lays on rock) Vegita walks over to him ( is angry ) the saw the tail (Vegita) heeeeeeaaaaaa (makes beam ) Yajoroby goes haaaaaaaa slices Vegita's back (Vegita( you almost cut through my armor) *actually he really did cut through his armor just an another edit and blood drips out another edit $ this is really pissing me off.(Goku) talks to Gohan through mind and makes Gohan look at beam Vegita made in the sky transform and then first going over to dad ,looks like he wants to kill dad the (Krillin screams) Gohan stop get the other guy (Yajoroby) he stop that don't annoy him then Gohan chases Vegita now! and swinging around Vegita does like a (destructor disc) thingy *no name* cut's Gohan's tail and comes down to normal and when he comes down he did not have the shirt there they put that there in American because they don't want to show that on TV.  Then Krillin got up because Vegita was getting his space ship and threaten Vegita, Goku yelled and said Krillin no because the blood and so on then Vegita left and then they came to pick them up for the hospital. Goku is in the cast thingy (shield to heal body) and Goku and chichi talking with the gang and then Goku wants to go but can't then Bulma Krillin, Gohan leave off to Namak and then they go! They go through a weird thingy (can't describe) and then they go into this (camoflos) #can't spell word not in the word checker! # And then they go into the space ship and then they think its Freeza's men and then a storm comes of craters and then fire comes and (imagine lots of graphics) then they convince there not Freeza's men and then leave and then go off to planet Namak and they land on the fake Namak and then things happen that hardly have to do with his profile then they leave and then land on the real Namak.   


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