Internet Explorer Update Information

Please download this new version of Internet explorer 6.0. This version has new features that should make this page have no errors since it was designed to work with the newest Internet explorer. Any Internet explorer browser with at least 5.0.1 above should work fine though. This new browser provides faster page loading compared to aol browser and Netscape browser so it is recommended to download it. for Internet Explorer 6.0 Download.

FOR WINDOWS 95 users:

to download Internet explorer 5.5 service pack 2 is the highest possible version supported on 95. Please download this only for 95 only. When installing it click browser enhancements so this web page will load error free!

You should download what ever version is right for your operating system not only for this web site but for also any web site you view nowadays! Otherwise when viewing them they wont be like the way there intended to be viewed.

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