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Last Updated:  Febuary 19  2001

This Page Is Updated For the Current Month Febuary 2001!

Now Were In 2001, Yeppi!


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Hi Dragon Ball Z fans.Welcome to my page. I just started my page April 14, 1999. But I’ll never stop updating my site. Have a DBZ day: )


This Page To let you know for Updates was Updated THIS MONTH! December!



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    If you would like to view the updates for Last year, They are considered pretty important CLick here




    Febuary 2001 update

    1. This update is very good update that since I have had put up in a while. This update include able to instant messaging me,In a chatroom and able to e-mail me With a stylish picture. I have mention in my last update but to inform you agian my new e-mail adderess is support@dragonball-z.com

    2. I have Fixed Some problems that took an hour to do and the problems were mainly like links and htnl pages.

    I have to say Even though it seems small that I did these updates but The first one can make up for like 10 since it is a great improvement.


    January update

    Sorry again A apologize but this month I was not able to make time since between december and January it is a hecktic month I am not able to make time until this moment.